New Homes In Las Vegas

Some of you may be experiencing some frustration with the current foreclosure market in the Las Vegas Valley due to lack of inventory. Since the advent  of Assembly Bill 284 the real estate market is experiencing a decrease of inventory and a slight up tick in list prices.

Multiple offers are very common and purchases exceeding list price are expected.
Let us shift our thinking. There is a whole new world of inventory in the Las Vegas Valley that is my duty to expose. New Home Listings!!
Did you know that you can get a brand new home for not much more then a  foreclosure. Even with the price disparity the advantages of a new home are extreme.
Builders who survived the crash and burn of five years ago are strong and building  in the Valley with reasonable price points and rapid build times. Some even have standing inventory to choose from.
These homes are Energy Star, the latest and greatest Green Technology in place and tend to be 15% more efficient then homes built in 2004.
Radiant Barriers
Efficient Insulation
High Performance windows
Efficient heating and cooling equipment
Lower ownership costs
Efficient Products: Appliances, Lighting packages and Hot water tanks.
They will be so clean, beautiful and smell nice too! Just imagine no painting, carpet replacement or old appliances or none at all!
I represent buyers and sellers in the purchase and sale of real estate all over the Las Vegas Valley and I will help you accomplish your goal here in Vegas!

Micky Miles- New Homes Expert

Micky was born and raised in Silver Spring Maryland. After graduating from Nasson College in Springvale Maine with a bachelors degree, he remained in Maine and purchased his first home. From this point a love for real estate commenced.

Back to Maryland to care for his aging parents he rented out his Maine home and became a Maryland REALTOR ® and with a flourishing start he met his wife Yana and returned to Maine to start a new life in his old house and became a Maine REALTOR ® for 5 years specializing in 19th century and oceanfront residential real estate.

Long winters and weary of the Northeast Micky brings to Las Vegas 12 years of real estate experience as a full time REALTOR ® with no distractions.

Micky has the ability to build strong relationships on a professional level, with a special talent for working with international investors and overseas buyers, he has a strong following in Canada, Australia, UK and China.

Having a no nonsense take on the Las Vegas real estate barometer you can trust in his loyalty, opinion and experience with real time market knowledge.

Micky is an experienced agent who brings a wealth of knowledge to the residential market. His personality, patience and perseverance give his clients the confidence that their goals will be achieved either buying or selling.