Micky Miles

Micky was born and raised in Silver Spring Maryland. After graduating from Nasson College in Springvale Maine with a bachelors degree, he remained in Maine and purchased his first home. From this point a love for real estate commenced.

Back to Maryland to care for his aging parents he rented out his Maine home and became a Maryland REALTOR ® and with a flourishing start he met his wife Yana and returned to Maine to start a new life in his old house and became a Maine REALTOR ® for 5 years specializing in 19th century and oceanfront residential real estate.

Long winters and weary of the Northeast Micky brings to Las Vegas 12 years of real estate experience as a full time REALTOR ® with no distractions.

Micky has the ability to build strong relationships on a professional level, with a special talent for working with international investors and overseas buyers, he has a strong following in Canada, Australia, UK and China.

Having a no nonsense take on the Las Vegas real estate barometer you can trust in his loyalty, opinion and experience with real time market knowledge.

Micky is an experienced agent who brings a wealth of knowledge to the residential market. His personality, patience and perseverance give his clients the confidence that their goals will be achieved either buying or selling.

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