Dubai Palm Jumeirah Villas For Sale


The Palm Jumeirah Villas For Sale are the most amazing project of all time in Dubai. Owned by the Dubai government in United Arab Emirates and designed by HHCP architects, it is the smallest of the original three Palm Islands under development by Nakheel. Located in the coastal area of Jumeirah, this Palm is the first monorail in the Middle East.

It’s vision? Giving the people of Dubai everything necessary to enjoy a holiday break including amazing tourist attractions, exquisite hotels, shopping malls and exciting leisure and entertainment. With construction beginning in the year 2001, the residential unit was handed over in late 2006. Well, perfection takes time. By 2007, Palm Jumeirah was one of the largest artificial islands ever known in Dubai.

This great island of hotels filled with beautiful beaches offered wonders that seemed to be never ending. Diving into the Palm suddenly became cooler that it initially was. The beautiful view of the city from the island is one of the things that leave anybody breathless. The sheikhs refer to the Palm as the eighth wonder of the world. And for the disappointed ones, what do you expect from a beach, the sand is certainly rough!

Palm Jumeirah is a true marvel of engineering or is it just man pushing the limits of nature? Either way, it’s a sight not to be missed when in Dubai. Have fun driving through it and see what it is like to construct manmade greatness. The scenic views and picturesque surrounding definitely makes it worth the visit

Said to be four times the size of Hyde Park in central London; Palm Jumeirah accommodates great hotels like the Waldorf Astoria, One and Only the Palm and the Royall Club among others. Its highway is approximately 500m above sea level. Dubai residents could certainly not wait for ‘her’ to be ready. Statistics say that when at capacity, the Palm uses at least 13l of water.

Represented by a tree-shaped sand and rock formation, Palm Jumeirah is one of those places in Dubai that should definitely be part of your bucket list.


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